It’ isn’t surprising to hear the 4 guys from college came up with an ideas to start a brewery. What may be surprising is that these guys are still great friends and the microbrewery is still growing after over almost two decades of brewing. Coastal Extreme Brewing Company or now know as Newport Storm Brewery was the dream of Brent, Derek, Mark, and Will. These four spent their years at Colby studying the science that would help them understand how to make beer while also doing the “sampling” that would make them love beer.  In 1997, starting at graduation and a life just working in a “a job”, the idea was hatched to start a brewery. 

In a incredible fast time frame of 18 months, information was gathered, plans were written, investors were begged and skeptics were grown as the founders pressed forward with their dream. In April of 1999, they moved into a now looking back small 2500 square foot two garage bays in Middletown, RI trademan center. Concrete was cut, used farming equipment was found, and on July 3nd 1999 the brewery’ first beer, Hurricaner Amber Ale, was release. Since then, the brewery has continured to slowly build itseld and its reputation. 

In 2006 Newport Storm Brewery started Newport Distilling Company to make Thomas Tew Rum, utilizing much of the same equipment and bringing back a historic practice to the area. Only in 2016 did Newport Distilling release their newest adventure, Sea Fog an American Whiskey. This project though did get started and placed in barrels in 2008.

Perhaps the biggest event of all during this time came in 2010 when the brewery and distillery build a their new facility in the North End of Newport which tripled their squared footage which allowed them to build a beautiful Visitors Center and tour deck. (Mind you this was before people visited brewery’s like they do today.) This was the first opportunity to upgrade their equipment from when they first started in 1999.  Much has happened since 1999. In 2012 the building was extended for barrel storage and packaging storage. Then in 2017, The Brewery and Distillery Pavilion was added on on.  Since the brewery has opened the brewer’s have made more than 100 different varieties of unique craft brews. Newport Storm has helped pioneer the idea of making limited release beer in 1999 with the Annual Release Series and was one of the first brewery’s to can in 2004. Thousand of people have visited the facility and much more have had the opportunity to try our unique craft beer and craft spirits. Through it all, the focus continues to be making quality, unique,  and local beer for our fans. As in the beginning, the crew hope you enjoy their craft as much as they enjoy making them. Cheers!