A New Spirit Rises from the Historic Harbors of Newport, RI. 

The sea provides a special backdrop for making whiskey. The salt air and the unique weather create exceptional conditions for this spirit to gain maturity. 

For Newport Distilling Co. Sea Fog wasn’t about the destination, but rather the 8 year journey it took to craft this whiskey. The first of its kind in their distillery, Sea Fog is inspired by the traditions of distillers form the British isles. Using pot stills and a “beer” made from pale and peated malts, the distillate shares many of the qualities so often found in Scottish single malts. Aging in the continental climate and freshly  dumped ex-bourbon casks adds a uniquely American barrel profile to Sea Fog. 

This American single malt exudes peat, smoke, vanilla, caramel and oak. Because every drop was fermented, distilled and aged in our Newport, RI distillery. 






Distilled, aged, bottled by Newport Distilling in Newport, RI. Whiskey 45% Alc. by Vol.

Please drink responsibly.